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Welcome To The Party

The United Human Race Party
Thrown by 2020 Presidential Candidate
Lisa “IDKYBILY” Simpson

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Are You Ready To Struggle Less & Love More?

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Are You Ready To Increase Bliss & Decrease Anxiety?

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Are You Ready To Keep Calm & Party On?!


Join The Party!!


Press Play On Life!

Before we tell you who we are, we want to show you and we want you to hear us: this is the sound, the look, and the energy of the #WeAreLisaSimpson movement. As a Presidential candidate running a campaign representing our innate, natural desire for Peace, I am declaring to The Powers That Be:

"THIS. This is what we want. This is how we feel. This is the human experience. We will settle for nothing less than the beauty and truth in this video and in all the works of art ever created." 

A New Way of Life

Now that you have seen & heard the beauty we will be striving for in our Vision For America, we ask you to consider our method for efficiently & swiftly instilling Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility and Encouragement (PLURRE) in our personal lives, society and government.

Consider our idea for overcoming, solving, and healing the pain from American struggles & historic injustices.

By Eric Allen

We propose Americans shift their focus from mass suffering and injustice to individual emotional healing, physical health and mental and spiritual wisdom for the purposes of stabilizing survival, improving quality of life and removing the plague of toxic negativity and corruption in society, business and government. 

Lisa Simpson's Vision for America:
*A New Way of Life based on Awareness of Consciousness.
*Leads to reduced suffering & struggle for People, Plants & Animals.
*Using Transformational Creative Arts, Medicinal Music, Holistic Healing.
*The 1960’s Hippie Movement proved this formula works.
*The 2010's Uniters Movement is a lifestyle, art project and activism (r)Evolution.
*Congregate in a monthly "Art Party": block party featuring campaign art, DJs, performances, & political speeches.

From Flowers In Our Hair…


To Dancing In The Parks…


To Marching In The Streets


To Building Structures...


To Free Love…


The (r)Evolution Never Stops, It Changes Shape.
We are a Movement. We are Making History. We are Victorious.
We Are Lisa Simpson

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Welcome to the #WeAreLisaSimpson2020 campaign for Presidency. This movement is led by race relations humanitarian, Lisa "IDKYBILY" Simpson, who runs the nonprofit and global social movement, "I Don't Know You, But I Love You" which works to End Racism by becoming one race: the human race.

Inspired by The Simpson's episode from March 17, 2000 Season 11 episode 17 "Bart to The Future", Lisa Simpson grows up to become the President of The United States after a Donald Trump presidency.

Lisa is a Uniter, running on The United Human Race party platform:
*Omni: respect & support for all ideologies
*Uniting Democrats, Republicans & third parties
*Positivity-based solutions
*Grassroots organizing of cooperative, joyful Americans
*REFUSAL to attack, judge, condemn, place labels, incite fear, hatred or violence towards people & actions we do not agree with. 

If you are ready for the other half of this episode to become reality, we invite you to "Become Lisa Simpson" and make HERstory electing the first female collective voice representing The People to the White House.

I Have a Vision That Today...


Thousands of pieces of art and performances are created and inspired by Lisa Simpson, IDKYBILY, and The United Human Race Party that answer the question: "What Does Your Dream America Look Like?"

We want you to Express Yourself. Why art? Well, have you heard a political discussion lately?! There is a hurtful absence of American solidarity, human connection and brotherly bond.

There is a void of P.L.U.R.R.E in political and societal discourse and this is slowing down progress, increasing suffering and expanding our division. It is time to stop talking like angry adults and create like joyous children.

A Creative Call of Duty

Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can create for your country.


What does your Dream America look like, sound like, move like, talk like, feel like?

What does your America Vision board look like? 
What is THE VIBE? 
What energy do you want to feel from humans? 
What happens when you walk down the street? 
What are people doing and saying to each other? 

How do you want to be loved, respected, honored? 
How do you want to show up to the world? 
How do you want your life to evolve? 

Why do you keep doubting yourself?
Why do you harm yourself?
Why do you listen to anything but your own heart?  

Art will unite us together. 
Self-expression will bring inner peace.
Love will heal this planet; 
it is the only thing that ever has.

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Squad Goals

Uniting Americans Who Love Their Country & Believe In Her Potential;
Renewing Pride, Stabilizing Discourse, and Seeking Justice With Compassion, Forgiveness, and PLURRE.

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Putting the “Party” in Political Party

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Omnipartisan and Omnireligious 


How to Party On

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 “I Don’t Know You, But I Love You”

To access the party, shout the 8 words that represent Divine Love for our Divine Brothers & Sisters
Agape Love: love for humankind; ongoing, outgoing, self-sacrificing concern for lost and fallen people; demonstrates love through actions.

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  • Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility, Encouragement is our foundation for all communication, decision-making and relationships.

  • An ethos so strong it inspires groups of 100,000+ to dance without violence & be friendly.

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Minimum Wage Workers, Blue Collar, Immigrants, the Unemployable

While we are here to protect, love and serve every American demographic, because Lisa "IDKYBILY" Simpson was a struggling minimum wage worker for 17 years, she is most inspired by the Americans who work the hardest and have the least amount of money and energy left over, but share the biggest smiles and grandest of positive attitudes. Together, We Shall Overcome our Poverty Mindset!

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Party Promises

We do not believe in making promises we cannot keep nor that need to be voted on before a divided and obstinate Congress. We have 4 campaign promises that can be kept no matter who is in office. We offer brand new solutions to politics and deliver what Americans truly want: a lifestyle centered around Peace and Love.

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Find Your True Love

Humans yearn to be in Love all the time. When we are in love it makes all of life’s challenges less daunting. We believe the best way to calm an angry and hurt society is to keep people in Love: personally, and with a partner, pet or project. Through healing, gratitude and self-love, we can learn to attract soul mates & complimentary relationships who match our healthy development & add energy to our day.


Eat To Your Heart’s Desire

Humans desire to eat delicious food all the time. It is our daily motivation. We believe in toxin-free and humanely raised food products. While we are heavily supportive of Vegan & Vegetarian diets, we respect all diets and insist compassion, tolerance & understanding be shared between Americans. We promise developing a healthy relationship with food brings increased quality of life and grows communal bonds breaking bread with our neighbors, both foreign and domestic.

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We Are Family

Humans crave love and respect from their family. Some of us never received it and some will pursue it for the rest of our lives. We all know how much it hurts when we do not receive it or cannot give it. We know how negative it can make our attitudes and we take our frustration out on other loved ones or strangers on the street.
We are here to heal the family unit by introducing individual & family therapeutic practices. We teach when to recognize a situation is too toxic to problem solve & how to walk away. We encourage looking past the biological family and expanding your family unit to include pets, plants, friends, strangers, co-workers and fellow parishioners.

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Calling All Angels

Humans survive through protection and protecting our loved ones. Traumatic pain is caused when we cannot protect ourselves from danger, corrupt systems or people. We believe the lack of a higher power increases the risk of encountering violent, toxic and self-harming practices. There are many higher powers to choose from, we teach Americans how to seek and integrate these sources into our daily lives, preparing us to face any challenge on the micro or macro scale with courage, clarity and confidence.

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Write Lisa: Testimonials


Gratitude: The Best Prescription

While we are a positive based campaign, we realize we live in a time where we are encouraged to focus on the negative and we were not taught HOW to focus on the positive. 

When you submit a testimonial of "How Does it Feel to Live in America?" We would like to hear a positive testimonial and a negative one. In the negative testimonial we ask that you list at least 3 things you can find to be grateful for in that story. 

It will be incredibly powerful and inspiring for other Americans to read of your struggle and see your strength and courage to find gratitude: the best prescription.


Tell Us: "My American Story So/Thus Far"

We want to know how you feel about living in America. Our campaign is about Feelings. We are not focusing on issues because 99% of all political candidates focus on such and it doesn't not bring healing to Americans, it brings more negativity, arguing and divisiveness. There should be one Politician in office who can speak about something equally as important as current affairs: current emotions.

We are here to #UniteTheUnitedStates through showing that All Oppression is Connected.

We learn the best truth of a situation from someone's first hand experience, and to us: it is often the only truth that matters and nobody can argue with it. No one can argue with Your Story.

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