The Basics

Ready to Spread The Love?

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People will have a lot of questions, not the least of which: how can a cartoon character from a TV show win The White House? 

We like to respond with: "The same way a cartoon-looking character from a reality show won. As a Washington outsider who proposes different tactics and prioritizes America's interests and safety." 

We highly suggest you memorize our tenets and practice them in order to stay on message and not get overwhelmed by people's over-reaching questions. Feel comfortable saying very little. Give people time to let it soak in. You do not need to explain everything or have it all make sense. That's my job. Send them my way, and or, have them subscribe to our newsletter!

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The United Human Race Party

**We Believe Music Unites Us All
**We Run Humanitarians, Not Politicians
**We focus on Feelings, Not Issues
**Love is the Answer
  Music is the Medicine
  Healing is the Solution
  Transformation is the Pathway
8 Party Favors of Focus:
Mother Earth
Self-Love & Gratitude
Toxin-Free Health & Wellness

Campaign Slogans

We are the first campaign in history that seeks not to argue, debate or convert when promoting our platform. We aim to speak Love, Truth, Empowerment. Our quotes reflect our commitment to keep it F.U.N Fun Uplifting Neutral



Girl, Boy, Child, Adult, Conservative or Progressive: we can all embody Lisa's qualities of Peace, Hope & Idealism



An ode to one of our Campaign Anthems. 



We can tolerate the division in this country no longer. We desire to Unite with all political ideologies and all Americans who value PLURRE over fighting & hate. We accomplish this by seeking out "The Cooperative": Americans who demonstrate a joyous, uplifting and positive attitude in all of their life endeavors.



Refusing To Hate, Debate or Denigrate
— Lisa Simpson


Compassion to recipients of discrimination and violence. Compassion to police officers who follow the law. Compassion for mental health breakdowns. Compassion to those raised and surrounded by hate & ignorance. Compassion for the violent. Compassion for those that lack a relationship & respect for Mother Earth. Compassion for those that cannot stop themselves from destruction. Compassion for our abusers. Compassion for All.



Make America Peaceful, Loving, United, Respectful, Responsible and Encouraging 
Red + Blue = Purple
Republican + Democrat = United Human Race Party



Keeping it:
all Party long!



"I Am Lisa Simpson and I'm Here to Empower You" 

We want all of our Lisa’s to feel they can say this to their friends, family, strangers. 

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We want all of our Lisa’s to feel they can say this to their friends, family, & strangers.
We do not speak negatively of any culture. We do not judge countries by their past histories.

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Keeping the convo Fun, Uplifting, Neutral



L: Loving
I: Inspirational
S: Supportive
A: Acknowledging 





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How To Party On

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"I Don't Know You, But I Love You"

To access the party, shout the 8 words that represent Divine Love for our Divine Brothers & Sisters
Agape Love: love for humankind; ongoing, outgoing, self-sacrificing concern for lost and fallen people; demonstrates love through actions.


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  • Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility, Encouragement is our foundation for all communication, decision-making and relationships

  • An ethos so strong it inspires groups of 100,000+ to dance without violence/incident & be friendly

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Minimum Wage Workers, Blue Collar, Immigrants, the Unemployable

While we are here to protect, love and serve every American demographic, because Lisa "IDKYBILY" Simpson was a struggling minimum wage worker for 17 years, she is most inspired by the Americans who work the hardest and have the least amount of money and energy left over, but share the biggest smiles and grandest of positive attitudes. Together, We Shall Overcome our Poverty Mindset!