Tell Us: "My Story Of Living In America"

We want to know how you feel about living in America. Our campaign is about Feelings. We are not focusing on issues because 99% of all political candidates already do such and it does not bring healing to Americans, it brings more negativity, arguing and divisiveness. There should be one Politician in office who can speak about something equally as important as current affairs: current emotions.

We are here to #UniteTheUnitedStates through showing that All Oppression is Connected.

We learn the best truth of a situation from someone's first-hand experience, and to us it is often the only truth that matters, and nobody can argue with it. No one can argue with Your Story, so share it.


Gratitude Is The Best Prescription

While we are a positive based campaign, we understand our upbringing and society programmed us to focus on the negative. We were not taught HOW to focus on the positive. 

When you submit a testimonial of "How Does it Feel to Live in America?" We would like to hear a positive testimonial and a negative one. In the negative testimonial we ask that you list at least 3 things you can find to be grateful for in that story. 

It will be incredibly powerful and inspiring for other Americans to read of your struggle and see your strength and courage to find gratitude: the best prescription.