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 The We Are Lisa Manifesto

"Whenever you feel like you’re alone, and there’s nobody you can rely on, this is all you need to know,
"You are Lisa Simpson." 
I am Lisa Simpson and I am Here to Empower You.


The name of our movement. If my name is Lisa Simpson and I encourage my supporters to call themselves and become Lisa Simpson, then when the Presidency is won WE have ALL won the seat, thus making this the first campaign in American history where THE PEOPLE have won the White House and not a single individual. 

What is Lisa Simpson? 
"Lisa" means oath of God; devoted to God.
"Simpson" baptismal name Simon, which was originally derived from the Hebrew word Shimeon meaning obedience. 

Given these origins it seems, finally, the American people will not have to vote for "the lesser of two evils". 

Who is Lisa Simpson? 
Lisa is a 8 year old child prodigy, the moral center & voice of reason in her dysfunctional family.  A fiercely independent thinker, a champion of social justice, a romantic, a nerd, a loner, a cartoon cartoon-watcher fueled by vulnerability, raw emotion and a resilience so strong and deeply ingrained it is the only way to survive such an existence with any pleasure. 
Is it any wonder then that the Simpson Family Crest Coat of Arms Motto from the 17th century is:
"Nil Desperandum", which means "Never Despairing".    
Is this You? 

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Are you living this same existence of idealistic justice, hopeful romanticism and isolating loneliness constantly awashed in feelings of love for life, liberty & the pursuit of happiness but feeling restricted/suffocated by the bumbling Homers disapproving Marges and bullying Barts of society? 

You are Not Alone. Even if you have been your entire life, much like I have, that time is over. 

As the Goonies proclaimed, "It is our time. It is our time down here." 

It is OUR time: The Lisa Simpson's of the World. The Hopeful, Idealistic Romantics who use Peace, Love, Unity, Respect, Responsibility and Encouragement to ACHIEVE our goals. We do not demand them, argue for them, resort to labels, attacks or violence. 
We Believe Love is The Answer.
Music is the Medicine.
Healing is the Solution. 
Transformation is the Pathway. 

In typical Lisa fashion, we stubbornly refuse to run for President like anyone else has. As the Nelson's of the world point and laugh at us, we laugh back, because we know something they do not:

We are the Music-Makers, The Dreamers of Dreams and We Love Ourselves. 

We are impervious to attacks and we take those blows and turn them into Beauty: we are the Creative Artists that throughout history have reminded the world of the art that is possible even in the midst of bloody battle. 

Art and personal expression has always saved humanity from despair, but it has never led humanity: government, dictatorship, religion and money has. 

The #WeAreLisaSimpson movement is led by the Transformational Creative Arts & Healing global community. We are a return and a newfound discovery to Mother Nature, God, Family, Elders and Victory. 

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Wouldn't it feel good for Good to win for once? A good that doesn't rise to power through a corrupt system, thus casting doubt of it's goodness while limiting it's abilities to do as much good as possible. But a good that rises to prominence from it's own merits, philosophies and behaviors? 

I am Lisa Simpson running for President at 36 years young. I do not come from money. I do not have connections. I do not belong to any organizations. I am an unskilled minimum wage worker. I am your average American: I have chronic health conditions, I can rarely afford health insurance, I have been terminated from countless jobs, I have experienced abuse, trauma, depression, suicidal tendencies, discrimination and racism. But unlike most Americans, I had something that kept me smiling, loving and full of joy through each life challenge:

Belief in my abilities to make the world a better, safer and more loving place to live. 

As I grew up and went about the world, I realized the love and tender care received as an adorable baby becomes scarcer and scarcer to find. Society formed a void in my heart and soul. The workplace formed a festering wound. Society and the workplace was nothing like me: it doesn't love; it doesn't respect; it doesn't honor my inherent value as a child of God and Mother earth. 

Most of us have a void and nearly all of us attempt to fill it, some more unhealthily than others. Just like Lisa, I filled my void with humanitarian dreams and work. From this work, I found the love, the respect and the honor society is unable to give. I found heroes and heroines, champions, healers, artists, performers and generous people so kind it inspired me to be kind back in a way I didn't think was possible. These are beautiful, loving, happy, smiling people. None of these people were friends. They were strangers. 

Doing humanitarian work has resulted in me living the life of my dreams: I am happy, healthy, confident and supported. Because I am Loved. 

I am not Loved because of the color of my skin, upbringing, economic status or some rigged system that favors me. I am Loved and supported because I CREATED something. I made a piece of Art and that art makes people feel GOOD. It gives Hope to the Hopeless, Smiles to the Scared, Love to the Unloved and More Happiness to the Happy. 

It is Universal, non-denominational, can be appreciated by any culture, be placed in any time period, hung up on any structure in any building and it will accomplish it's goal:

The goal of healing humanity from the fear, isolation, abuse and control that is placed upon us and that which we in turn place onto others and even ourselves. 

This art creation is the #WeAreLisaSimpson's campaign slogan, our identifying mark, our Party Theme, the foundation of our Truth and the tool that will be used as the Homers, Marges, Barts and Nelsons of the world look upon us dumbfounded, disapproving, jealous and in jest.

15c_Sticker Manifesto.jpg

"I Don't Know You, But I Love You".  
8 words placed on a sticker passed out for free around the world so that humanity knows: it is always loved and protected. 

In the 9 years of creating with this message and passing it out to over 35,000 people around the world I have received hugs, high fives, kisses, cheers, tears, jumping, gifts, gratitude and blessings. And I want YOU to experience this every day of your lives. 

For it is only through creating art and sharing that art that I have seen The Truth, a truth the news has never reported, a truth our government never has a congressional briefing on, a truth you won't find in a medical journal: when you share Love, you receive Love and you become Healed. 

If you do not know how to love, do not be ashamed: many of us are not taught how to love and the examples we've been given were abuse disguised as love. Our website is here to teach you how to love yourself first, then your friends, then your enemies. None of it easy, but all of it worth it. 
Just ask yourself: "How long of my short life do I want to spend unhappy, uncomfortable and unsatisfied?"  

Healing is an accomplishment, a victory. Once you start the process, there is no remission. You can bask in the glory for the rest of your life. You see The Light and you become protected by The Light. That Light will guide you as you continue to experience life's unpredictable challenges, but the victories will come faster, the fear kept at bay and the inner knowing of what to do louder and clearer each time. 

This phenomenon not only applies to my personal life, but assists me in the daily onslaught of violence, suffering and corruption our mainstream media news and government presents to us. I do not cower, I do not feel hopeless, I do not feel helpless, I do not take ownership of problems I did not create, I do not despair. I am a Simpson " Nil Desperandum : Never Despairing". And I am so thankful for this as America needs me. My country needs me to be strong, faithful and resilient. Your country needs YOU to become fearless. 

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If you do not know how to be fearless, do not be ashamed: many of us are not taught courage and the examples we've been given were Ego, control and domination disguised as Power. Our website is here to teach you how to stand up for yourself first, then to your friends, then to your enemies. None of it easy, but all of it worth it. 
Just ask yourself: "How long of my short life do I want to spend unhappy, uncomfortable and unsatisfied?" 

If the answer is "No Longer", the #WeAreLisaSimpson campaign asks you to report for the call of duty: America Needs Your Art. America Needs Your Love. America Needs Your Bravery. You need it too. You deserve it. 

Your Country Thanks You For Your Service,

Lisa Simpson, 
an 8 year old with 8 words to say:
"I Don't Know You, But I Love You".  

*All submitted works of art, dance, performance, poetry, writing, videos featuring the WeAreLisaSimpson or IDKYBILY slogan will be showcased on our website & social media pages. 

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